In my work I am often moved and I never cease to be awed and deeply touched by my patients’ capacity to change and to find new meaning and hope. Sometimes people seek my help in times of crisis. Other times they are struggling with chronic unhappiness, or a sense of being “stuck”. Often a significant loss or life transition has them feeling overwhelmed, afraid or despairing.

When seeing a new patient I begin with an evaluation. Together we focus on making sense of what is happening and why the person is seeking help. Often that initial conversation can feel illuminating and begin to bring a sense of relief. Working together we identify a treatment plan and discuss how best to proceed, whether it be an immediate crisis intervention or engagement in ongoing psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.

I am a clinical social worker, a psychotherapist and a psychoanalyst with over twenty-five years in private practice. Though I am a trained psychoanalyst I do not sit behind the couch in silence but engage actively in all treatment modes. My social work training ensures that I think about people holistically in the context of their families, their work environments, and their communities, with culture and ethnic identity in mind. My practice also includes working with couples struggling with relationship problems. I offer sessions virtually and in-person.